Our Philosophy

Helping Your Furry Friend Find Their Way

At The Tranquil Dog we understand that your pet is part of your family and that each pet plays its particular role in the family structure. Our goal working with your furry family member is to provide an outlet for them to exercise their energy so that they can engage consistently in family or working settings. During each session with one of our experts your pup will be physically and mentally stimulated.

Physical stimulation combined with mental stimulation means that we hold your pup to a high standard of behavior and trust while we exercise them. This allows your puppy to grow confident and responsible at the same time while practicing learned skills. Combining physical and and mental training in dogs has been proven to be highly effective in the development and maintenance of good behaviors. Consistency is key.

We have found that dogs with consistent schedules, exercise, and mental stimulation are happier dogs. This is why your pup will always have the same two walkers who know your dog intimately. We strive to create consistency in your pups life and we have seen amazing results in doing so. Best results are seen with dogs we meet with 3 to 5 days a week. This helps the dog to be reminded of his obligations while experiencing a friendly and loving environment with his companion walker.